Sunday, November 25, 2012

Update on the last 6 months

-Middle School Choir trip to Arkansas. Jacob does an amazing job of leading these kids each week. He gets the opportunity to share the Gospel with them many times throughout the year and does a great job teaching them how to read music.
-We celebrated our 2 year anniversary! On the actual day in May we went to  the Fort Worth Zoo and walked around Sun Dance Square then we took a trip in June to Memphis. We went to Sun Studios (where Johnny Cash and Elvis  recorded music)

-We ran a 5k which started us on the track to train for a half marathon.
-We celebrated the 4th of July by inviting couples over from our small group. We grilled lots of yummy food and wrote down things we were thankful for. (which was how we found out some of our friends were expecting!)
-We went to a wedding.
-W sweet couple from the choir invited us to sit in their suite at a Texas Rangers game. It was awesome.
-Our niece, Emmalynn Rae, was born on July 31st. She weighed 3lbs and is pretty awesome =)

-We did a lot of relaxing and enjoying free time we knew would be coming to an end soon. (I read A LOT)
-BTCL started up for me August 23rd and school started for Jacob on the 22nd

-School, Work, BTCL and Middle School Choir all started full force. Life started getting very busy!
-I went to a marriage conference our church put on. We are blessed to have the opportunity to learn so much where we are!

-Middle School Choir sang at the Fall Festival.
-LOTS of school, work, and BTCL… not too much excitement.

-Jacob attended a Worship Conference in Frisco.
-We ran our first half marathon together!
-We got to visit Emmalynn, Lindsey and Derek in Little Rock over Thanksgiving!

We can see the light at the end of the tunnel for this semester. I made a paper chain this summer to count down how close we are to finishing seminary. Remember when we moved to Texas we had 3 years ahead of us and my last blog talks about how close we are to the 1 year count down. I am about to tear off another month and that means our countdown is down to 5 1/2 months! We continue to be blessed by God in every way. All the time, God is good.

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